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Habit to unwind.

Find the balance of your life and mind with the aid of nature. Our wellness candles can heal you both physically and mentally.

There're many ways to take care of yourself.

Among all, we prefer this one.

Want to feel good?

A self-care routine is crucial to a healthy soul. So please, just stick to it. Light a candle and relax for your sake.

100% pure essential oils & natural wax

meticulously handmade in Hong Kong

from step to step, wax to wick, we make it perfect

simple and basic ingredients

give you the best outcome

without any artificial elements,

we use only the precious pure essential oils

for our candles to acquire

its aromatherapeutic benefits

it takes time and efforts

Before packaging the product and delivering to you, we reassure the quality of each wellness candle. The process includes at least 48 hours consistent production time, quality check and the refinement of outfit.

clean and delicate - both products and packaging

The precise and clean image of our brand reveals a detailed texture to our customers, aroused by our ambition and devotion in maintaining good quality control and right balance between every ingredients. 

it's so worth it

The proportion of natural essential oils in our product is 10% each which is very significant and exclusive for wellness candle.

every parcels must look their best

Most orders are being despatched within 3 working days of being placed. Just order one for your loved ones!

100% natural & harmless

We assure you the best quality of our products and no animal testing.

Fast Shipping

We will pack and ship your order as soon as possible.

Secure transactions

Transactions are handled with bank-grade security.

Simple checkout

Our secure checkout is quick and easy to use.