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simple & basic ingredients

Proudly made in HK

We use only the precious pure essential oils for our products to acquire its aromatherapeutic benefits.

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every parcels must look their best.

eco-friendly packaging

Most orders are being despatched within 3 working days of being placed. And we use eco-friendly materials to pack our parcels.

it's so worth it.

precious & extraordinary

The proportion of natural essential oils in our product is 10% each which is very significant and exclusive for wellness candle.

we handmade our candles with love.

it takes time and efforts

Before packaging the product and delivering to you, we reassure the quality of each wellness candle. The process includes at least 168 hours consistent production time, quality check and the refinement of outfit.

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蠟燭不能燒的主要的原因有幾個: 燃燒時間不足導致記憶圈問題,然後導致燭芯過短的惡性循環 修剪燭芯過短,導致火力不足,然後蠟油會淹滅燭芯,燭芯再變更短直至再也不能燃點 生產方的配方、容器、燭芯設計問題   但!還有一個好奇怪的現象,蠟燭我之前是燒得好好的,沒有任何問題,但一段時間過後,...

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店主很早以前就已經在Ig Story解釋過有關蠟燭油用作按摩其實是不太適合的。 一般芳療用按摩油以植物基底油混合精油而成,精油是從植物萃取出非常高濃度的精華油,簡單來說要接觸皮膚的精油必須以基底油稀釋,而且濃度亦很講究。一般用在面上皮膚比用在身體上的濃度再低一點,而且用在不同年齡組別人士精油濃...

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