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Take care yourself and your candles.

Follow the instructions below to enjoy your candles.

1/  Memory burn is important to a candle. For every burn, please do not put off the candle before it achieve a full melt pool.

2/ The storage life of essential oils candle is shorter than the synthetic fragrance's one. It is advised to consume the products within 6 months to achieve its optimal efficiency.

3/ Please keep the length of candle wick about 5-8 mm before use, not too long but also importantly, not too short. The optimal time of each burn is 1 to 3 hours. Also please keep the wick in the middle of the container.

4/ Using candle snuffer to put off the candle could avoid the dominance of the smell of smoke over the candle's scent throw. 

5/ Please keep good ventilation while burning candles. Avoid placing the candles in reachable distance from children or pets. Try not to leave the burning candles alone.

6/ Unlike synthetic fragrance candle, the throw of the essential oils candle is not aim to reach a large area. Please place the essential oils candle closer to the user when in use. We could also enjoy the warmth from the candle too.

7/ Because of the variation of temperature difference with the environment, white crystal , sweat, crack or frost-like appearance maybe formed on the surface. It is the characteristic of the natural ingredients of plants wax. It will not affect the normal function of the products.

8/ The colour of the product is natural colour from the ingredients - soy, beeswax and essential oils.