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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a candle warmer. Is it okay to use it for your wellness candles?

Yes, absolutely. There’s both pros and cons of lighting a candle or using a candle warmer. For details, please refer to this blog.

After using the candle for few times/ for a while, the wick slowly tilts to one side. What should I do?

Most of the time, the wick can stand steadily in the middle of the container. An unwanted uneven burn will take place when it doesn’t. We need to fix it as soon as possible. We can use the matchstick or disposable chopsticks to adjust the position of the wick. Just gently push it back to the middle of the candle when it is solidifying. The soy wax is kind of soft, so you can move the wick easily. Remember, do not pull the wick out.

The flame is getting weaker and weaker and gone at the end. What should I do?

The melt wax pool will put off the flame of the candle if the wick is not long enough or the burn is uneven. We need to dispose part of the wax with a disposable spoon to attain a longer length of the wick for a healthy flame. It’s okay to ruin the surface of the candle. It will become flat and perfect after one burn.

How to fix candle tunnelling?

You can try covering the top of the candle with aluminium foil and let the heat melt the wax outside of the tunnel. If the wick is not long enough, you may need to dispose some of the wax. Also you can use a candle warmer to fix the tunnel. But the best way is to prevent the tunnelling from happening in the first place. Please follow the instructions of candle care.

The candle has been burnt out, but there is still a little wax at the bottom that I don't want to waste. What can I do?

It is unavoidable to have a small amount of wax remain at the bottom of the container, since the bottom of a glass container is impossible to be completely flat (related to glass production) and the wick holder has a certain height. If you don’t want to waste this last thin layer of wax, you can try to warm it off with a hot water to release the last aroma molecules. But the wax will still remain at the bottom, because the wax just switches between solid and liquid.

Do you recycle the candle glass jars?

No, we do not recycle the glass jars, especially during the pandemic. It is recommended that to wash the jars and reuse it. They can be used as pen holder, planter and other storage purposes.

I want to reuse the container. But how to clean out a candle glass jar?

Remove excess wax from the container first, using disposable spoon or fork, then rinse with hot water and dish soap. If you want to remove the label sticker, it will be easier to tear it off by blowing and warming it with a hair dryer first.

Can I use your wellness candle oil for massage purposes?

Please don’t do that! For details, please refer to this blog.

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