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1/ What is the difference between natural essential oils and synthetic fragrance?

Natural essential oils are highly concentrated aromatic substances extracted from plants. After years of evolution, plants produce essences to enhance their survival ability, such as resisting pathogens, repelling harmful insects, healing damaged cells, facilitating growth and metabolism, regulating hormones etc. By inhaling through the olfactory system, we enjoy the components entering our body with unique benefits on balancing our body and mind, physically and mentally.

However, only a very small amount of essential oils can be extracted from a tremendous amount of plants. Therefore, they are considered as precious and expensive.

Synthetic fragrance aims to simulate and synthesise the molecules from essential oils. The fragrance has high diffusing capacity and are low at cost. Though, it may contain allergic ingredients. Repeated absorption may cause burden on human body without possessing any aromatherapy effect.


2/ What are the advantages of natural soy wax and beeswax?

Soy and beeswax are natural, harmless and environmentally friendly. They are free from hazardous substances. They give cleaner burning and are recommended for those who are sensitive to artificial products.

On the contrary, waxes such as paraffin wax and jelly wax are widely accessible on the market. These artificial mineral waxes have been confirmed with the release of toxic substances when burned. Long-term inhalation of these substances may cause asthma, allergy or even cancer. It is advised to treat them as decoration only.


3/ The flow of the wellness candles is weaker than others. Why is that?

To create a very strong and long-lasting scent, some brands may mix essential oils with fragrance oils. There are no artificial fixatives, agents or fragrances being added into our products. Each candle is meticulously made by hand. The smell of the scents comes from the essential oils only, which is soothing and comfortable.

Each of our candles contains a sufficient amount of 10% precious essential oils (only 3-5% is needed for synthetic fragrance oils). Though, the throw is unnecessary to fill up the entire space when using essential oils. Please put it close to the user, and enjoy the scents and warmth of the candlelight at the same time.

We will get used to the scent after a while. So, if you leave the room for a while, you will be able to smell the scent more when you come back. The essential oils still play their roles even if you get used to the scents. In addition, the throw and concentration of the scents are also related to the surface area of the container. Please choose the largest size candle for larger room.


4/ Sometimes, roughness or white frosts appears on the surface of the candles. Why is that?

The combination of natural essential oil and soy wax will cause the physical effect of thermal expansion and contraction due to the changes in temperature of the external environment, resulting in white crystals on the surface. This is a characteristic of all essential oil candles and does not affect normal use.


5/ Why does the candle sweat?

Natural soy wax has a low melting point. The candles should be storage at temperature of 15 to 25°C. If the temperature is too high during transportation or storage, sweating or melting marks may appear on the candles. This is a natural physical phenomenon and does not affect its function and use. After burning the candle for the first time, it will return to a smooth wax surface.


6/ Can pregnant woman use essential oils candle?

Aromatherapists normally claim that woman within 4 months pregnancy is not advised to use essential oils products based on the rationale - embryo within first 16 weeks is fragile and may not be well attached on the placenta. After the pregnancy is stable enough, pregnant woman and her baby would not be harmed by inhaling the essential oils. Pregnant woman may feel uncomfortable towards essential oils because of morning sickness and increased sensitivity to odour during pregnancy. In case of feeling not well, please stop using the essential oils products immediately.


7/ If I have pets, can I use essential oils candle?

According to pet aromatherapy associations and different aromatherapy masters, inhaling proper concentration of essential oils are very safe to pets. But remember to make sure that the pets must not ingest the products or to have direct skin contact. Also, it is important to keep fresh air circulation, and the cats and dogs must not be forced to stay in the aroma space, they can choose to leave whenever they want.


More information for pet owners:

If you have any doubts or concerns about using essential oil products around your pets, it is recommended not to use them. Because your anxiety has greatly affected the effect of your use of the product.

Everyone reacts differently to different essential oil formulas, just like some people are sensitive to milk and coffee. If you have any questions or are uncomfortable with the products, you should stop using it immediately; if you have special health conditions, please consider and decide whether to use essential oil products or not. You can also check with your doctor or aroma therapist.