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it's like supplement for soul.

We aim to create products that can provide you a healing moment, a soothing habit to unwind and find the balance of your life and mind, with the aid of nature.

We handmade our products with basic and simple ingredients. without using any artificial fragrance oil, our candles have the most natural, subtle scent. It will never be irritating for those who are sensitive to scent.

We value the benefits and gift from the nature. Plants are gifted with natural power to resist on diseases, plagues or bacterias. It is remarkable that we can share their powers now from essential oils.

Our wellness candles are made with 100% natural soy wax, beeswax and pure essential oils. It helps us balance physically and then mentally. It is called aromatherapy. Simply put, the molecules of essential oils will enter our blood and brain and eventually, balancing our sympathetic nervous system also other endocrine systems.

The cost is much higher using essential oils only, comparing to synthetic fragrance, which are used in most candles in the market. Synthetic fragrance is cost effective and the throw of the scent will fill a room easily. But it does not attain aromatherapeutic benefits. With scientific proof, burning a candle with paraffin wax or jelly wax even can cause cancer.

About founder

After graduated from HKUST, majoring in Biochemistry, in pursuit of dreams, she became a graphic designer. Working repetitively and monotonously until midnight and suffering from stress, her alarm of health had rung. Nowadays, she is striking for a mental and physical balance. Enjoying soft music in a combination of reading a good book, and complimenting with lighting a candle, she creates her own world of contentment. 

Her next investigation further confirmed her perspective - essential oils benefits human body based on their biochemical properties. The mix of efficacy of essential oils together with the soothing feeling of candle, has definitely raise the value of lighting up a candle.