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warm and cosy atmosphere - diffuser

Sale priceHK$438.00


100% natural essential oil -
sweet orange / rosewood / sandalwood with natural diffuser base
with 19cm thick reeds (4 sticks)

100ml / ~2 months, usually longer


suggested space:
fruity and woody, suitable for bedroom and living room 


- soothes and calms the nervous system
- anti-depression, calm emotions
- stimulate immune system, anti-bacteria
- warm and soothing, bring a sense of support


- to achieve the best behaviour and aroma benefits, it contains 30% of pure blended essential oil, imported from Australia

 (20% is already very high for essential oil diffuser market)


- high quality plant-based diffuser base imported from Korea
 ( with completed KC certification, totally safe to use)
 ( phthalates or synthetic antioxidants free!)



Paper Box Size:
67W x 67D x 194Hmm
Amber Glass Bottle with 4 thick reeds (19cm)

warm and cosy atmosphere - diffuser - supplement for soul
warm and cosy atmosphere - diffuser Sale priceHK$438.00