supplement for soul

no.5 - sleep deep and calm


▌no.5 - sleep deep and calm

100% 天然複方精油配方 -
甜馬鬱蘭 / 快樂鼠尾草 / 甜橙

使用100%天然優質蠟材 -
大豆蠟 & 白蜂蠟 

【 天然精油分子化學 】


【 主要芳療功效 】

- 放鬆、鎮靜助眠,調節自主神經系統(活化副交感神經)
- 對應因感冒、頭痛、耳鳴導致的失眠問題
- 改善現代人神經緊張、失眠及精神亢奮的問題
- 消除積累下來的情緒鬱結
- 甜馬鬱蘭配合快樂鼠尾草可改善經前症候群與各種月經問題

* 不適合孕婦使用 

【 主要E.O.成份及功效 】

- 甜馬鬱蘭精油→安眠及放鬆,緩解緊張,幫助休息並消除精神疲勞,撫慰心靈
- 快樂鼠尾草精油→鎮靜、鎮痛、舒緩荷爾蒙失調引致的經前症候群
- 甜橙精油安撫消沉不安的情緒,減輕負面情緒的影響,幫助進入深層睡眠


- 因E.O.濃度高,蠟燭油不能用作按摩用途!

- 建議嬰幼兒、孕婦、哺乳中、神經系統較弱的人、癲癇、蠶豆症及其他慢性疾病患者,使用精油產品前請先諮詢主治醫生

- 蠟燭需於半年內使用以達最佳效果;請參考candle care 以了解其他保養蠟燭的用法
- 使用蠟燭請注意通風及安全,切勿放置於小童或寵物觸及的範圍,或置於無人看管的狀態



100% natural essential oils -
sweet marjoram / clary sage / sweet orange
with natural soy and beeswax 

- improve sleep quality, balance your autonomic nervous system
- relieve stress, insomnia and hyperactive mental state
- combination of sweet marjoram and clary sage can relieve the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and menstruation related health problems

* not suitable for pregnant women


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Jennifer Chan
Sleep deep and calm


- 90g±5g candle with amber glass container
- paper box packaging (63 x 63 x 70mm)
- approximately can burn 25-30 hours
- suitable for space ~100-150 sq. ft

- 200g±10g candle (2 wicks) with amber glass container
- paper box packaging (73 x 73 x 95mm)
- approximately can burn 60-80 hours
- suitable for space ~150-200 sq. ft

- 40g±5g candle with tin case
- fabric bag (80 x 110mm)
- approximately can burn 12 hours
- better place the candle closer to the user, suitable for smaller room

1/  Do not put off the candle before it achieve a full melt pool.

2/ Consume the products within 6 months to achieve its optimal efficiency.

3/ Keep the length of candle wick about 5-8 mm before use. The optimal time of each burn is 1 to 3 hours. Also please keep the wick in the middle of the container.

4/ Using candle snuffer to put off the candle. 

5/ Please keep good ventilation while burning candles. Avoid placing the candles in reachable distance from children or pets. Try not to leave the burning candles alone.

6/ Sweat, crack or frost-like appearance maybe formed on the surface. It is the characteristic of the natural ingredients of plants wax. It will not affect the normal function of the products.

- Avoid direct skin contact as the concentration of essential oil of our products are not designed for massage.

- Avoid prolonged use the same formula of essential oils. Body might become accustomed to it and gradually cease the effects.

- Be cautious to use essential oil products during pregnancy.

- If you have any questions or are uncomfortable with the products, you should stop using it immediately; if you have special health conditions, please consider and decide whether to use essential oil products or not. You can also check with your doctor or aroma therapist.

- It's very safe to use our wellness candles. Everyone reacts differently to different essential oil formulas, just like some people are sensitive to milk and coffee.

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