supplement for soul

refreshing and clean vibes - 精油擴香瓶



100%天然純複合精油 - 綠花白千層 / 真正薰衣草 / 苦橙葉 / 廣藿香 及植物擴香基底液

附有4枝 19cm 粗擴香棒

100ml / 一般可用2個月,甚至更久




- 提振免疫系統,抗菌、抗病毒

- 讓情緒平靜,放鬆鎮靜

- 舒緩及改善精神疲勞和壓力

- 重整消沉的心靈

- 為達最大功效、最持久、最強擴香力,內含澳洲進口天然純精油比例高達30%


- 來自韓國生產的高質素植物擴香基底液 (with completed KC certification)


- 香味高級、天然、舒適

Paper Box Size:

67W x 67D x 194Hmm
Amber Glass Bottle with 4 thick reeds (19cm)

Refill Bottle Size:

45R x 145Hmm
Aluminium Bottle with 4 thick reeds (19cm)

- you can adjust the amount of reeds according to your needs, if you want to lighten the scent, you can put in 2 reeds first

- you can also put the reeds upside down at intervals to achieve the strongest flow

- placing it in a lower position to allow the scent to spread upward and outward

- avoid flame and direct sunlight

- avoid liquid direct contact with skin

- unopened can be stored for 1 year

- carefully remove the stopper, the plastic stopper is tight to prevent liquid from leaking out

- Avoid direct skin contact as the concentration of essential oil of our products are not designed for massage.

- Avoid prolonged use the same formula of essential oils. Body might become accustomed to it and gradually cease the effects.

- Be cautious to use essential oil products during pregnancy.

- If you have any questions or are uncomfortable with the products, you should stop using it immediately; if you have special health conditions, please consider and decide whether to use essential oil products or not. You can also check with your doctor or aroma therapist.

- It's very safe to use our wellness candles. Everyone reacts differently to different essential oil formulas, just like some people are sensitive to milk and coffee.

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