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Questions To Empower Card Deck

HK$120.00 HK$160.00

A deck of empowering questions card to use for daily self-reflection, exploration, and mindfulness.

The Questions to Empower Card Deck is a useful tool to use as a prompt for journaling, a conversation starter with a friend or simply checking in with yourself. The card deck includes 52 different questions to help you ask the questions you never knew to ask. The card deck makes a wonderful mindfulness gift.


  • 52 cards

  • 57x88mm - 2.2x3.4"

  • 400 gsm


這款賦能提問卡牌,用於日常的自我反思、探索和正念。 賦權提問卡牌是一套有用的工具,可作為撰寫日記的提示,開啟與朋友對話的提示,或者只用於審查自身。這套卡牌包括52個不同的問題,幫助您提出您從來沒想過要提出的問題。這套卡牌是一份絕妙的正念禮物。 


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